Transfer. Reception Studies

"Transfer. Reception Studies" is a scientific journal devoted to the studies on Polish, German and Swiss literature. We present here the results of interdisciplinary research dedicated to historical and geographical circulation of Polish, German, Austrian and Swiss literature (also cultural texts) in Poland, German language speaking countries, and the other countries in the world. We focus our interest on the reception processes of Polish and German language literature in the following areas: academic, critical-literary, reading, artistic/literary, translational, (inter)medial circulation. Our journal serves also as a forum for the researchers combining reception studies with audience & communication studies, book science, translation studies, media studies.

We also publish academic papers, reviews, news, essays (conference reports are also accepted) on subjects included in the profile of our journal and concerning other national literatures.

We publish in Polish, German and English.

The magazine is published once a year.


ISSN: 2451-3334 (Print) ISSN: 2657-7216 (Online) DOI: 10.16926



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