Vol. 8 (2023): Anxiety and fear in contemporary German-language, Polish and Irish literature

The problem-differentiated and methodologically diverse texts (articles, essays, commentaries) presented in the eighth volume of “Transfer. Reception Studies”, confirm how common the emotion of fear is, as well as the multidimensionality of anxiety experienced by contemporary man. The reconstructed and illustrated tensions between the inner world of literary heroines and heroes (anxiety from the “inside”, individual, disintegrative) and the surrounding reality, resulting on the one hand from the need for “cooperation” and a sense of security, and, on the other, from “external” anxiety as a result of confrontation with the past and present time, indicate both the subjective (individual, subjective) and social dimensions of the anxiety experienced.

Social Anxiety

Existential Anxiety

Anxiety in the field of migration

New (global) Anxieties


Bartosz Małczyński
published: 2023-12-29

Elżbieta Wróbel
published: 2023-12-29